• Veturia CHIROIU Institute of Solid Mechanics, Romanian Academy, Bucharest
  • Seyed Mehdi RAKHTALA Golestan University from Gorgan, Iran
  • Cornel BRISAN Technical University of Cluj-Napoca


The process of folding cartons by the packing manipulation robot is seen as a succession of folds with respect to the position and orientation of a distinct configuration to another. The folds have different geometries of crease lines with different dimensions and profiles. The folding carton into successive distinct configurations is determined by the kinematic geometry theory. This paper deals with optimisation of the packing manipulation process with respect to a minimum execution cycle-time of the succesion of configurations of the folded carton and a minimum discord between predictions and measured observations.

The concept of line vectors and screw theory associated with the graph technique alows a good describing of the dynamics of carton folding.   

Jul 1, 2019
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CHIROIU, Veturia; RAKHTALA, Seyed Mehdi; BRISAN, Cornel. OPTIMIZATION OF A PACKING MANIPULATION ROBOT. Romanian Journal of Mechanics, [S.l.], v. 4, n. 1, p. 39-50, july 2019. ISSN 2537-5229. Available at: <http://journals.srmta.ro/index.php/rjm/article/view/97>. Date accessed: 23 may 2024.